Can I manage multiple sites through the platform?

Yes, after setting up the account if you email with details of additional sites they can all be added to your account to receive customer enquiries.

How much does it cost to be on the Stowga Platform?

It’s completely free to list space and receive enquiries from our customers. We only charge commission on successful transactions, which is completely transparent through our platform.

Do you require a software integration to be on the Stowga Platform?

The Stowga Platform is web-based and we do not require any software integration to be able to list space, quote or transact on deals. All alerts and notifications from the platform are email-based.

How can I increase my chances of finding customers?

Our quote invitation algorithm uses data from your supplier profile to select the appropriate warehouses for each enquiry. By ensuring your profile is filled in with all the relevant information about your site and it’s capabilities we can send you the maximum number of requests through the platform.

How do I list my space?

Suppliers can sign up to the platform, create an account and fill in their profile. Using this information we will send them relevant enquiries that they can price.

Why should I list my space?

Our platform allows any business with spare warehousing capacity to attract customers and turn empty space into additional income. Our platform eliminates the need to market the site and we have customers ranging from small business to large international enterprises all looking for warehousing.

How is the invoicing managed?

Suppliers invoice Stowga for services used by the Customer. They also input service utilisation through our platform. Stowga then invoices the customer on behalf of the supplier and transfers payment once received.