Do I have to sign a lease?

No. We allow customers access to warehousing services on a flexible basis and without the commitment or obligations created by leases. We use a service level agreement which can be in place for as long or as little time as needed.

How does the pricing work ?

We charge a percentage commission on the value of successful deals and our pricing is communicated in a clear and transparent way so what you see is what you pay. You are sent one monthly invoice at the end of the month by Stowga with a breakdown of warehousing services utilised.

Can my employees work in the warehouse?

No. Stowga offers fully staffed solutions and services so there is no need to have additional employees in the warehouse.

Is there a minimum requirement to use Stowga?

We are a B2B business and to use the platform you must have a registered company and email address. We do not offer self-storage space aimed at individuals. For purely storage enquiries are minimum requirement is 50 pallets. For storage and additional service enquiries the minimum is 20 pallets. We can also price enquiries based on floorspace in square feet or metres. In general, larger enquiries recieve more competitive pricing from suppliers.

How do I find a warehousing using Stowga?

As a customer you can use the Stowga Platform to create an enquiry which is then sent to a selected group of potential suppliers. We then return the best option with additional information allowing customers to make the choice that best suits their business needs. The contract is then signed digitally and managed through the platform.

Do you offer specialist or accredited warehousing?

We have sites that store bulk products, hazardous products, bonded warehousing, pharmaceuticals and outdoor storage. The vast majority of our suppliers are accredited through organisations such as UKWA, BRC, MHRA and others.

What are the legal agreements used ?

We have terms and conditions that governs the use of the Stowga Platform. We use a service level agreement which is specific to each transaction and uses either UKWA (UK Warehousing Association) or RHA (Road Haulage Association) terms.

Do you offer temperature controlled warehousing?

We have ambient, chilled and frozen storage sites on our platform and the ability to offer specific temperature ranges and temperature controlled transport if required.