Dangerous goods and Pharma

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Dangerous goods and Pharma


If your business is involved in the buying, selling or movement of hazardous materials, or dangerous goods, speak to one of our experts and we can match you with warehouses that have extensive experience and accomplishments in these areas.

Our specialist warehouse partners often use automated transport systems to minimize any risk or damage to goods, are able to handle a wide range of storage temperatures, have highly regulated safety, and environment norms.

We cover: - Medical - Food, drink and other perishables - Highly active and radioactive materials, narcotics, and other hazardous materials - Sensitive and/or dangerous materials - Pharmaceutical products - Substances presenting special risks of abuse, fire or explosions - Chemicals - Wet bonded - Dry Bonded

Our database has every warehouse and supplier covered/accredited by: - MHRA - BRC - ISO9001 - FFSC22000

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