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Oxford is known throughout the world for its university. The university is at the forefront of scientific research and Oxford, like Cambridge, has become a Mecca for cutting edge businesses, many of which are direct results of the work done at the University. A lot of high value equipment, particulalry for engineering and medical research, needs to be warehoused and as a result there is some high quality warehouses in the area. Also, as we all know from the 'Chipping Norton Set', the area is not short of wealthy people - meaning land is at a premium, therefore low on brownfield sites for industrial development and planning opportunities. This, and the quality of warehousing nearby, all means warehouse rental prices are high. If you do not mind travelling then better deals for warehouses can be found to the South-West around Swindon or Didcot to the South-East.

Oxford Airport is the only commercial airport between Heathrow and Birmingham. As you can see from our Import and Export data no cargo goes through the airport, however we included it on the map because Oxford is an important town, and for logistics is well situated as a crossroads and stopping point between London and Birmingham on the East-West and the Midlands and Southampton on the North-South. Anyone who has ever stopped at Cherwell Services will know we're in trucker country!

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