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The Port of Manchester actually closed in 1982 but we thought it worthwhile having a pin on the map so we could talk about Manchester. Famous for football, 90's dance music and Ricky Hatton, Manchester is a Northern Powerhouse! It's also where Vimto - you know, that funny purple drink - was invented. It all started in Manchester when Mr John Nichols created a health drink with a secret recipe in order to battle the evils of alcohol. It didn't work but we love Vimto as they were Stowga's very first clients.

Once the centre of the industrial world Manchester still retains much of that industrial character and when we look at our map of warehouses nowhere outside of London is more littered with warehouses.

There's every type of warehouse here: 3PL, 4PL, bulk, pallet, frozen, chilled, MHRA, BRC, Hazardous....you name it, Manchester's got it.

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