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Did you know that more music artists that originate from Liverpool have had a number one hit than from any other location? Liverpool is the capital of pop music and you may think that has nothing to do with warehouses but there is a link because the industrial past has an enormous influence on the city, and this is reflected in its culture.

Liverpool today is on the up. The port is being extended by the building of an in-river container terminal at Seaforth Dock. The terminal will berth two 14,000 container Post-Panamax ships, the size of which is hard to imagine unless you've seen one. Along the waterfront is one of the densest cluster of warehouses in the UK. All the big name logistics companies are there offering every possible supply chain solutions. There is pallet storage, chilled, frozen, BRC, HAZCHEM and MHRA. There are distributors for bulk and fulfilment for ecommerce. Stowga also have an agreement with a major industrial real estate fund with many smaller 1,000 to 10,000sq ft units available to rent on a short term or temporary basis.

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