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Gloucester sits at the beginning of the Severn estuary and is connected by the M5 which runs just to the east of the town. Gloucestershire Airport, formerly Staverton Airport, is on the outskirts of town and is just 4.0 miles west of Cheltenham.

The airport is mainly used for private charter flights to destinations such as Jersey and Guernsey, for passanger and air cargo, Bristol Airport and to a lesser extent London Oxford Airport are the main ones in the area.

Due to the good transport in the area there are a number of warehouses available, mainly along the side of the M5. There are many 3PL and haulage companies between Gloucester and Cheltenham that can provide warehouse space for bulk or pallet storage. There are some BRC accredited sites for storing food. Finally, if you need transportation as well there are a couple of great haulage firms nearby to help with distribution needs.

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