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Farnborough Airport

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Top 10 imported commodities by value

Rank Description Total
1 Aircraft and associated equipment; spacecraft (including satellites) and spacecraft launch vehicles; parts thereof more info £6.4M
2 Articles of apparel, of textile fabrics, whether or not knitted or crocheted, n.e.s. more info £49K
3 Articles of apparel and clothing accessories of other than textile fabrics; headgear of all materials more info £32K
4 Women's or girls' coats, capes, jackets, suits, trousers, shorts, shirts, dresses and skirts, underwear, nightwear and similar articles of textile fabrics, knitted or crocheted (other than those of subgroup 845.2) more info £22K
5 Footwear more info £13K
6 Optical goods, n.e.s. more info £13K
7 Clothing accessories, of textile fabrics, whether or not knitted or crocheted (other than those for babies) more info £10K
8 Trunks, suitcases, vanity cases, executive cases, briefcases, school satches, spectacle cases, binocular cases, camera cases, musical instrument cases, gun cases, holsters and similar containers; travelling bags, insulated food or beverages bags, toilet bags, rucksacks, handbags, shopping bags, wallets, purses, map cases, cigarette cases, tobacco pouches, tool bags, sports bags, bottle cases, jewellery boxes, powder boxes, cutlery cases and similar containers, of leather or of composition leather, of sheeting of plastics, of textile materials, of vulcanized fibre or of paperboard, or wholly or mainly covered with such materials or with paper; travel sets for personal toilet, sewing or shoe or clothes cleaning more info £6.4K
9 Made-up articles, wholly or chiefly of textile materials, n.e.s. more info £1.8K
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