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The Port of Dover is the cross-channel port situated in Dover, Kent, in the south-east of England. It is the nearest English port to France, at just 34 kilometres (21 mi) away, and is the world's busiest passenger port, with 16 million travellers, 2.1 million lorries, 2.8 million cars and motorcycles and 86,000 coaches passing through it each year, with an annual turnover of £58.5 million a year.

No surprise that shipping companies such as P&O have warehouses in and around Dover. There are a number of sites along the A20 and up the A2 as you head away from the port towards London. Interestingly, you will see from our import/export data that cargo volumes through the port have dropped dramatically since 2011. This means that there is likely to be excess warehouse space around the area so call Stowga if you are after a bargain.

Did you know that the port has been owned and operated by the Dover Harbour Board, a statutory corporation, since it was formed by Royal Charter in 1606 by King James I? Most of the board members are appointees of the Department for Transport.

Another fun fact is the port has its own private police force, the Port of Dover Police.

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