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Bournemouth (Hurn) Airport

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Bournemouth Airport (previously known as Hurn Airport and Bournemouth International Airport) is located 4 miles (6.5 km) North-East of Bournemouth. It's a no frill airline hub so think pasty white geezers on the large side in the departure lounge, bright red lobster sunburn in arrivals.

Nearby are a number of warehouses. Not as many as you might think, but Dorest is a beautiful place so that's no bad thing. We do have a site just near the airport that can handle hazardous materials. There are also a few sites with MHRA accreditation but if you want pallet space or bulk storage you are going to have to go a little further down the coast to Poole where we have a number of warehouses available and we know of a few in planning that will come onlinbe soon.

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