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November Warehouse Demand Report


What a month! It will come as no surprise to any of you in the industry that October is a busy month for warehouses but we weren’t expecting that — demand was through the roof! We measure demand in ‘pallet weeks’ — a pallet week represents one pallet stored for one week, and last month we hit a massive milestone: over one million pallet weeks requested through the platform! It’s been really exciting to see the growth and we have had to make new hires to cope with the added workload.

1000000 Palletweeks of demand captured

People are coming to us from all over the world looking to take advantage of our hassle-free way of finding them space. The really interesting thing was the breadth of variety in the demand — in location, in volume and in time.

Key points from October:


Enquiries for sites from Cornwall to the Highlands. Heavy concentration around Birmingham and North of the M25.


Mostly UK-based but enquiries came in from Canada, the Netherlands and the UAE.


Strong but expected bias towards food and drink, construction and engineering (aviation).


From one single pallet space to multiple requests for 1000+ pallets.


From 3 weeks to 3 years.


Our customers are coming back and booking multiple sites through us.

86 warehouse partners signed up

86 warehouse operators signed up with us last month. We also had our first fund sign up. They own and manage a portfolio of 42 industrial sites across the UK and have agreed for Stowga to fill their vacant sites with tenants on rolling one-week contracts. They have introduced us to several other funds who we expect to bring online over the next few weeks so watch this space.

If you want to be on our books and get access to the enquiries we get then please get in touch.

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