Our Mission Is Simple:
Optimize all industrial storage space.

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Our Mission

We have take the concept of the elastic warehouse and supercharged it. Our team is made up of leading technology and industry professionals – all focused on making it easier for businesses to buy and sell space.

Our goal is to remove the inefficiencies in warehousing and create a network of spaces across the globe where inventory is not constrained by static space, and is instead stored in exactly the right place, at the right time. In doing so we will optimise warehouse space, generating more money for their operators whilst providing a better service and reducing costs for their customers.


In the future every business that holds physical inventory will be able to build into their supply chain complete modularity and flexibility. That includes warehousing, which to date is slow and static.

Companies will be able to immediately buy and sell space like a tradable commodity to fit their needs. There will be no leases. Companies will have a strategy that consists of short, medium and long-term positions.

Stowga is focused on enabling forward looking, innovative business that know it makes no sense to pay for space that you don't need or to run an under utilised space. We provide the tools and business intelligence needed to inform better decisions and interact directly with the warehousing industry – enabling and simplifying short-term as a strategy.


Charlie Pool
Charlie Pool CEO

Finance and Tech.
Ex-JPMorgan, Delin Capital and HitMeUp.

Joe Corkerton
Joe Corkerton Data Scientist

Machine Learning, Analytics and Marketing.
Cambridge University.

Joey Scully
Joey Scully CPO

Product and Service Experience / Strategy
Ex-R/GA, Samsung.

David Main
David Main Chairman

Logistics and Tech.
Ex-Bain, Talisman, Top Golf.

Sanjeev Jeyakumar
Sanjeev Jeyakumar Head of Sales and Business Development

Sales and Trading

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